General conditions

Terms and Conditions for Short term rental of Pink Rentals properties in Madeira and other matters related to our activity.

By making a reservation on our website and making the corresponding payments, you are accepting the terms and conditions described below.

Preliminary conditions:
– Guests must be over 20 years old, in some properties a minimum of 25 years old is required.
– It is not allowed to carry out in the properties: host parties, or any similar event unless there is prior agreement between the guest and Madeira Rental/Owner for the same purpose.

Reservation and payment:
– The reservation must be made preferably via e-mail, online, with confirmation being made in the same way.
– As a guarantee of the reservation, we request the initial payment of the total cost, within 3 working days after requesting the reservation of the property.
– We also request an amount on arrival of €150 deposit against breakages/cash deposit/guarantee.
The deposit will be returned at check-out after checking the contents of the house and no damages to be reported, or penalties to be paid.
– The rental price includes: Use of the property’s infrastructure, equipment and goods as well as water, gas and electricity.
It is advisable to carefully read the rental conditions written in the respective property file, as not all of them have the same amenities.

The price does not include: telephone, provision of meals (unless this extra service is prior hired), beach towels, or other services other than those mentioned above.
– Any interruption in the supply of water, electricity and gas, to which the owner/administrator is completely oblivious, there will be no claim for indemnity or compensation, however we will do everything in our power to safeguard basic needs.
– The price includes final cleaning / change of bed linen / towels.
– On the day of departure, the garbage must be correctly deposited in the places designated for it.
– Any request for assistance during the rental period must be made to the managing entity, Madeira Rental.
– The rental property is limited to the maximum number of people hired in the reservation, if there are more people to stay, an extra price will be charged for your stay; alternatively, the managing entity has the authority to expel the excess persons. Compensation for the extra people’s stay so far will also be owed by the reservation holder, at the rate of €20 per night per person.
– No furniture should be moved from its original location.
– If there are private/closed areas on the property, access is prohibited and must be respected by clients.
– In properties with an outdoor garden area, no flowers must be collected, nor should any part of the garden be damaged. Camping is strictly prohibited in the garden or lawn areas.
– Public order and the hours of silence from 10 pm to 8 am must be respected; any disturbance resulting from disrespect for this condition will imply the immediate termination of the lease and the expulsion of the clients.

– All properties on our website are contracted directly from the owners/legal representatives, or from companies that manage the properties (local partners), and which are legally authorized by the respective owners to rent.
– The properties are managed, prepared and maintained by our representatives or the entity delegated to such powers for the purpose of holidays and for your comfort.
– Our company, through the current website or the extensive network of websites, manages and guarantees the entire booking process, from requesting availability information to the moment of entering the property.
– From the moment you enter the property, our website will act as a representative/mediator, providing support and urgent contact if necessary.

– Our vacation home rental service does not provide the property visit service.

Property cleaning:
– When contracted on an extraordinary basis, cleaning services or their derivatives, during the stay, the respective times are subject to prior arrangement, as far as possible, they will take place on weekdays between 9:00h and 19:00h. If the customer makes it impossible or prevents access to the property – for whatever reason-, the provision of these services will result in the loss of the right to this service.

Other Services adjacent to the lease:
– The properties can be the target of different types of technical interventions, on a permanent or occasional basis, on which the good maintenance of infrastructure and equipment depends, in order to guarantee the habitability and comfort conditions for guests, in particular: Gardening , Swimming Pool Maintenance and Sanitation. Occasionally, there may be a need for specific interventions for repairs, replacements or additions to existing equipment.
– Madeira Rental, reserves the right to intervene in any situation that it deems urgent, even without the agreement of the owner of the reservation/owner or local partner.

Voucher/email with additional property information:
– The reservation is confirmed upon payment of the amount required in the terms and conditions of the pre-booking email.
– When the final payment is received, a voucher and/or e-mail will be issued with additional property information, including address and telephone numbers, and the appropriate entry instructions.
– The voucher and/or email are the only elements provided to prove the reservation
– The number of people shown on our website and agreed with the main guest refers to the exact group that will be able to enjoy the rented property.
If there is a verification of a number of people greater than the advertised capacity of the respective property, it will result in the loss of the right to the contracted rental, without refund, granting legitimacy to the Madeira Rental intermediary, to charge the amount in the deposit against breakages / deposit delivered at Check-in. It also requires the immediate relinquishment of ownership of the number of people in excess of that capacity.

Unfeasibility of booking already confirmed:

– For the most diverse reasons and circumstances, reservations that we confirm may prove to be unfeasible.
In this condition, an attempt will be made to reach a plausible agreement with the equal value or “upgrade” system. We will take care of transmitting the situation and respective justification by telephone or via e-mail and we will try to gather properties of equal or superior quality, sending photographs and descriptions of them.
If it is impossible to find or propose a property to the holder of the reservation, this Holder may be reimbursed for the amount of payments made, without any other indemnity or compensation.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the pricing information provided, regrettably errors may occasionally occur. When we become aware of any such error, we will endeavour to notify you at the time of booking (if we are then aware of the mistake), within 7 days of the time of booking or as soon as reasonably possible. If a booking is already in place, you will have the choice to continue with the chosen accommodation at the corrected price or amend to a different accommodation. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if you do not wish to accept the price that applies to your accommodation or any quoted alternatives.
These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.

Entrada / Saída
– Without indicated otherwise, all clients are informed of the normal times foreseen for entry (check-in) and exit (check-out) of the properties.

  • Check-in will be from 16:00h
  • Check-out is until 12:00h

– Other times may be combined in advance with those established between the holder of the reservation and Madeira Rental, according to the prior and subsequent availability of the property.
– A maximum check-in hour is normally stipulated without monetary penalty. After this time, and if there is a need for a representative, which may add additional costs, any amount to be paid must be made locally and at the time of entry.
– Occasionally there may be delays in the preparation of properties. Sporadic verification of such a situation does not entitle the customer to any right to compensation or discount, at least not monetary.

Deposits against damages / Security deposit:
– For the properties published on this website, there is, as a rule, the obligation to provide a deposit, also called a deposit against breakages or damages.
– The security deposit/deposit against breakages or damages must be paid in cash, and will be returned at the end of the stay after checking the accommodation. This provision is intended to cover any damage caused by misuse or incorrect use of infrastructure, equipment and property, or resulting from acts of vandalism. If the amount of the deposit against breakages or damages is not sufficient, the due difference will have to be refunded.
The value of the deposit against breakages or damages/security deposit may also be withheld, in whole or in part, if the accommodation has not been abandoned by the date or time scheduled for departure.

– Regardless of whether or not the property’s description contains restrictions on the presence of pets in the property, it is mandatory to communicate in advance, and in writing, the presence of such animals, with Madeira Rental being at the discretion of Madeira Rental to accept them. In properties where animals are accepted, a description of the animal must be communicated in advance (height, length, weight, breed, etc.) and a photo must be sent.
– Even if animals are accepted, this acceptance may be subject to an extra payment due to the presence of the animal or necessary cleaning.
The permission will only be for 1 single animal, and during the stay the animal is not allowed to: use a pool, private or shared, or sleep on any bed, occupied or not, by guests.
– In some properties, the amount of deposit against breakages may be increased due to having pets. If there is any damage to pay caused by the animals and the amount of the deposit against breakages or damages is not sufficient, the appropriate difference will have to be replaced.
– If the presence of pets is verified, and having NOT given prior written communication, nor given authorization for their presence, the entity that manages the property has the right to request the immediate removal of the animals and may, as a last resort , immediately terminate the rental, with no right to return amounts or any subsequent claim for compensation.

Cancellation by customers:
Cancellation Policies and Deadlines

  • If you cancel up to 30 days before check-in (check-in) = free cancellation.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of entry, you will be penalized 60% of the total stay.
  • If you cancel less than 14 days before check-in (including the 14th day), or do not show up at check-in, no refund will be given.

RETURNS will not be made if the customer voluntarily withdraws from the services before the end of their stay.

– Any return under these terms, after confirmation of cancellation and upon receipt of the destination NIB, will be made by bank transfer / paypal / credit card within a period of not less than 48 working hours and not more than 15 working days.
– Any and all cancellations made less than 30 days in advance will be analyzed and considered for competent decision by Madeira Rentals in Madeira.
Anyone who completes any of the forms on our website IMPLICITLY ACCEPT AND GIVES PERMISSION for their email address to be part of our contact list.
You can correct your data at any time by sending an email to (

Final remarks

  • Any of the above conditions can be changed as long as there is prior agreement between the guest and Madeira Rental.
  • Other conditions not expressed in these Terms and Conditions of Lease are subject to prior agreement between the guest and Madeira Rental.

Use of this website or the content of this website is for general information use only. It is subject to change without notice.
By visiting our website you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of the same, if you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions please do not use it, contact us through other means of contact available.